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14 September, 2020 0 422

FLORIDA’s FARMING ADVANTAGE – It’s both our responsibility and our privilege

We live in a state that is remarkably rich in agricultural resources and where it’s fairly common to hear about “farm-to-table” restaurants, but a lot of people don’t realize that they don’t all take the same approach. At Toscana Divino Hospitality Group, we’re committed to this...

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8 September, 2019 3894 4627

Italian eating & lifestyle: Bloomberg ranks Italy among the healthiest countries in the world

In 2017, Bloombergranked Italy as the world’s healthiest country due to the lifestyle and eating habits of its citizens. This ranking came as a surprise to many Americans, who may associate Italy only with the carbohydrate-heavy elements of its cuisine, including pasta, pizza, and garlic bread....

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15 March, 2019 1354 2400

Simplicity, balance, quality ingredients: The secrets to a healthy lifestyle

Simplicity, balance, and quality ingredients are three staples of Italian cuisine, and they are Italians’ secret to their healthy lifestyle. When we deconstruct the signature dishes of true Italian cuisine, we find that these three factors are characteristically present. Simplicity Simplicity may be the most surprising...

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